Paramjot Kaur exhibiting artwork at the Under the Rainbow exhibition in Bluewater

Hello! I’m Paramjot Kaur. I use pencils, charcoal and sometimes other traditional media to create hyperrealistic art.

I enjoy drawing portraits and scenes that have an ethereal, dream-like quality to them. I like to combine realism with surreal or imagined elements, merging life-like appearances with social or emotional themes and so embedding meaning into work.

Art as a profession

I've always loved to create, but I didn't like the constraints of art at school. I chose not to pursue an artistic degree, only jumping back into a regular practice in my 20s when art became an important emotional outlet for me.


In a bid to connect with others through what would have been my private sketches and illustrations, I started to share my work online. It snowballed from there. Before I knew it, I was had opened an Esty shop and was taking custom portrait orders from customers near and far. 

The big picture

I now continue to create art alongside my job in community development. I also run a charity, Sahara, which I'm passionate about.

I'm a strange mix of calm and passionate, wanting a quiet and simple countryside life but caring too much about things to remain unmoved. So, life can get busy, but it's all important to me.

You may find pieces of my interests and personality reflected in my artwork - nature, wildlife, faith, social issues.