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How I ensure that my artwork is vegan and eco-friendly

Ensuring that my art has as little impact on the earth as possible is very important to me. Art supplies typically include ingredients like bone char, gelatin, ox gall, rabbit collagen, eggs, carmine and shellac.

Framed realistic pencil drawing of Afric


I use Faber-Castell 9000 Series graphite pencils which are vegan.


Derwent and Faber-Castell charcoal pencils are vegan.

Colouring Pencils

I use Polychromos by Faber-Castell which are vegan.


The following paints are vegan (note that many black paints otherwise contain bone char):

Acrylic paints by Solo Goya.
Acrylic paints (Aero Colour Professional) by Schmincke.
Oil paints from Landridge Oils.


I use synthetic paintbrushes that are not made from animal hair.


I use clear bags made from vegetable starch rather than plastics to protect sold artworks. They’re compostable, biodegradable and vegan. I get mine from

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