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Commissions are currently closed. Sorry!

Paramjot works to perfection; she goes above and beyond to make sure her work is the best it can be for the customer

Kelly Guapacha

Commissioning a piece of art gives you the opportunity to direct the creation of something entirely bespoke and unique to you.

I draw on high quality acid-free 230gsm paper and seal my drawings with fixative spray to prevent smudging and discoloration, ensuring that the quality lasts a lifetime. You will receive both the paper and digital version of your artwork. Although the drawing is created on paper, once completed it can be transferred onto almost anything, including onto canvas, a notebook or greeting cards. 

All the guidance you need is below, along with a form that you can fill in for a quote.



You'll need to select your favourite photo(s) for the drawing. The greater the quality of the photo you choose, the better your completed drawing will look! The best photos are those that have a high resolution, are clear and detailed, and have good lighting. If you need help choosing, don't worry - we can decide together.

Portrait of child with blue eyes and blo
Close up of boy with blue eyes


Portrait of smiling young girl with pig


Size &


The size you choose will depend on your budget and where or how you want your drawing to be displayed. For wall art that will be displayed in a large space, the size should be large and eye-catching, whereas an intimate 1-subject drawing or pet portrait may work best on a small size. The below sizing guide will give you a good idea of what to expect in regards to pricing.

Size                                A5 (5.8" × 8.3")              A4 (8.3" × 11.7")             A3 (11.7" × 16.5")

1 Subject

+ 1 Additional








Because I spend time working closely into small details, I don't tend to use a canvas larger than A3. If you'd like a larger size, please get in touch. 



The first step is to get in touch to see if I can do your commission within your required timescale. I'm not able to take last-minute requests, so please book your place some months in advance of your deadline. 

I'll show the price list to ensure that you want to go ahead with the commission before we go any further. 

Consultation (free)

We'll have a chat so that I can understand exactly what you want your drawing to look like. I'll ask you about size, composition and background, and can show you some examples of previous work so that you can make an informed choice. This chat can take place on Teams/ Zoom, via phone call or email.  

Agreement & Payment

Once we've agreed on the work to be done and the timescale, I'll write it down and ask you to read and sign what we've both agreed - so that we're both on the same page! I'll also direct you to an invoice page to place your order and make a secure payment. 

Work starts

I'll start working on your commission! You're free to ask for updates from me along the way. 


When it's finished, I'll send you a photo of your drawing to make sure that you're happy with it. If you want any changes made, I will offer up to 2 revisions.  


If you're happy, I'll package and post the work to you, and I'll send you your digital copy too.

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OK, OK - Give Me That Quote!

Thanks, I'll be in touch :)

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